How we create good food

Step 1 - Sourcing the best ingredients

Working in conjunction with your product development team, from the raw ingredients through to the packaging, Vesco’s procurement team sources quality resources from around the globe to meet your specific briefs and product standards.

All meat and dairy used by Vesco is sourced locally from within Australia and New Zealand.

Step 2 - Product Development

It all begins with Vesco Foods’ experienced chefs and R&D experts working alongside your business to deliver products that will be well-received by your consumers.

We work with your existing ideas or develop new recipes to suit your commercial needs. In other words, we turn your recipes and ideas into a successful commercial reality.

Step 3 - Sensory

Great meal ideas are only as good as the product we end up with. That’s why we have trained in-house panelists and implement focus groups to guarantee consumer satisfaction and product consistency. 

Vesco ensures your recipes don’t just deliver on taste, but also on visual, textural and aromatic notes to provide the end consumer with the best experience.

Step 4 - Operations

Fitted with world-class manufacturing equipment, our Perth and Brisbane factories are well equipped to take a delicious recipe to full-scale mass production with guaranteed consistency.

We implement quality systems and processes to ensure your products are made to the highest standard of kitchen-to-factory replication.

Step 5 - Quality

The Vesco team are dedicated to ensuring your brands and products are of the highest quality standard.

We meet and exceed the highest food accreditations within Australia, so you can trust us to provide you with food that’s safe, nutritious and tasty. Our large team of experienced food technologists work towards ensuring preparation and production meet best practice standards.



Step 6 - Distribution

Vesco works alongside transport companies around Australia and overseas to get your products delivered at the same quality and standard that they left the factory, on time and ready for product launch.

Bringing It All Together

Vesco Foods has the capabilities, flexibility, buying power and expertise to offer innovative solutions to all kinds of market and channel needs.

Our passionate experts in innovation, research and development, quality, procurement and operations work with our in-house chefs to bring your ideas, products and brands to life.